Online Interactive Education

The mMaisha platform features an Education module, which is currently deployed in the areas of antenatal care, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Diabetes, and business practices for private clinics.

The structure of mMaisha courses is slide-based, and features:

  • An optional mini-quiz at the end of each slide
  • Course summary upon completion, and automatic accreditation to the user's record, if logged in
  • Upcoming support for audio voice-overs and video content

Maisha Education courses use a simple XML format, and Bienmoyo provides a free companion authoring tool to create and edit Maisha courses within a browser interface:

  • Allows easy-to-use creation and editing of interactive, slide-based courses
  • Rich text: supports typing or pasting of text content for each slide and formatting into paragraphs / bullet points
  • Quiz the user: add an optional question to each slide and specify correct/incorrect answers

Maisha Platform Demo

To arrange a demo of Bienmoyo's online education platform, please contact us here.